DesertExile: Commonalities

31 January 2006


Did you ever notice that the "poorer nations" always have to have an enemy that is Satan, is evil, and sucking their blood away-or so their leadrs tell.
In the Middle East, people that live in poverty and desperation are commonly told that their enemey is the Jews, so we have to kill all the Jews.

In most Third World Countries, the enemy is the United States. We are evil because we have, and they have not.

In both cases, their "Leaders" are robbing them blind, and telling them that there is an outside place to blame for their plight. And the idiots believe it

Ever notice the Anti-American crowd also has the United States as an enemy? Ever check out their net worth. They are rolling in money. From personal bservation, both the Home_boy anti-ameriacn andOsama are wealthy--they did not earn it, and they feel guilty as Hell.

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