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06 February 2006

Humans don't change

Being born in the 1940's, I have personal experience and observation as to human nature and conduct.

In the 60's we had people come along who thought they knew better how to conduct themselves than those who had come before them.

Laws and rules that had been made from earliest recorded history was now "Out of Date". There now was no" Wrong" or "Right" way to behave or live. Since there is no "Wrong", those who do not comply with the "Old" rules should not experience anxiety, remorse or guilt.

Above is a painting of what information tells that a very important battle that occurred 2,480 years ago. In that battle, the Spartans, part of Greece and a primitive society following a rudimentary Democratic form of government, were opposed by King Xerxes from what is now Iran. King Xerxes had no democracy. What he said was law, and if he decided to do away with someone, or a group of people, it was done.

King Leonidas, who was chosen King by residents of Sparta, took 300 Spartans and two other groups of Greeks from Thespia and other parts of Greece to a narrow choke point, and fought for several days against the Persians. Though King Leonidas was eventally killed with all his small force, Greece had enough time to prepare and repulse the Persians.

The point is that we revere Leonidas. Only historians take note of Xerxes.

In history, we have note of traitors, and their names are intechangable with "Traitor". Benedict Arnold, who sold out to the British in the Revolutionary War. Quisling, the Norwegian who let the Nazis take over Norway. We try to forget these people, and if they are spoken of, it involves shame, treachery, and unredeemable betrayal.

By trying to change what the early writers of the Talmud and Dead Sea Scrolls documented as desirable conduct, the "Changers" are trying to excuse themselves from blame, guilt, and penalties.

A good example is that in the 1940's, men were expected to join and serve in the miltary. Men who were drafted were looked at with suspicion. Those who were not competent or physically qualified had lowered self esteem. There was great honor in earning a Medal of Honor, a Silver Star, ora Bronze Star. To those who died at one of the WWII battles, they were spoken of as if they had earned one of those medals--they had earned HONOR!

Forward to the 60's. Now, it was O K to cheat and get out of being drafted by faking a disability.
How many of these people are now famous? Not many. And if it is found that they got out of being drafted in the 60's, especially if they are now Conservative, Neo-Con, or Republican, they are vilified by the very people who said it was O K to cheat and evade service.

To my view, the latter day Leonidases are now serving in Iraq. Those who debase and denigrate them are going to be down there with the Benedict Arnolds and the Quislings.


At February 07, 2006 3:50 AM, Blogger Tacobell said...

Well put and there is so much truth to what you say!! I like your views and hope to see more!!

At February 08, 2006 11:19 PM, Blogger Barb said...

And, according to the stories, King Leonidas also gave us Molon Labe ("Come and get them") in response to Xerxes order that the Spartans lay down their arms. Precursor to our second amendment and RKBA.


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