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04 February 2006

Lesson Learned

When I was about 4 years old, we lived on a dairy of 80 acres. this was then between Glendale and Phoenix Arizona. We had to irrigate to get grass to grow for the cows. Water went in a ditch, and was stopped by a succession of dams, and diverted out onto the field.
I toddled out to see my Dad who was irrigating. Our Collie dog followed me, followed by four puppies, about two weeks old.
When we had been at the ditch a while, and I had talked to my Dad, he went to the end of the field to see of that row was watered.
I found that it was great sport to take a puppy and toss intoi the ditch and watch it flail and swim out, obviously in fright and discomfort.
Suddenly, I was lifted by my collar, uo and in an arc, and did a splashdown in the ditch. I thought," I'm going to drown!" Stupid me. I found if I stood up, my neck and head were out of water.
I looked up, and there was my Dad, now leaning on his shovel. He asked one question: How does it feel like when it happens to you?

The point of this true story is that there are two things to consider.
One, I learned a life long lesson.
Two, Christianity's essence is this lesson: Treat others like you would like to be treated.

Meanwhile Islamofascists dictate that their made-up religion and it's brutal and dehumanizing code be followed without feeling or consideration of others.

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