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05 February 2006


On my iterests, you see horses. The picture to the left was my first ride, March 1942.

My Dad couldn't find any men as any able-bodied man had went into the military. He found, Lilly, an all around ranch hand. She is putting me on the horse.

From College in 1960, until 2000, I was away from horses. My wife talked me into "Lease Feeding" a mare named Tremor. Tremor was an ex-race horse, and a thoroughbred. In the year I rode her, she threw me three times.

So, I got my own horse, Suzy. She didn't spend too much time before she hurt herself. Per the Vet, she would not be ridden for six to nine months.

Going to, I found Chip. His registered name is Wood Chip Brown, a Quarter horse. His owner (pictured above, below a helicopter) had to sell him when the Riverside Police ended their Mounted Police program.


At February 06, 2006 12:55 AM, Blogger dyzgoneby said...

Thank you for putting the link to comment.

I had a pony (does that count) when I was a younger and I loved him. That is until the day Max decided to play rodeo with me and threw me off. Max and I didn't get along well after that.

Fast forward to today. My daughter should have been born on a farm or ranch. Yep, she is a horse lover. Even had riding lessons. Now wants to put a horse in our backyard. She will have to wait just a little while longer, I don't think my neighbors would like it.


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