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12 July 2007

Everyone an expert

Almost every day, you hear of someone either being terminated, transferred, or re-assigned.

In almost every case, the affected person vows to appeal and/or retaliate.

The case in mind is about the U S Prosecutors who were fired.

To my view, this is one of the factors that is a "Business killer" now.

The case was that these APPOINTED prosecutors wilfully or negligently did not follow orders, did not prosecute ( Carol Lam of San Diego had a rule that a smuggler of Illegal Aliens HAD TO BE CAUGHT TWELVE TIMES..before she would prosecute... She reveled in prosecuting White Collar crime and Randy " Duke" Cunningham)

The consistent violation ignored by these people was failure-or refusal--to prosecute voter fraud.

The President APPOINTS these people, and therefore, can fire them at will--for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason.

But here come the meddlers. A fact I found in Law Enforcement was that the general population would not tell their dentist or plumber what to do, but everyone knew better how to be a law enforcer that I was doing.

To me, there are several deleterious effects:

A. The IGNORANT have been given a voice and power in almost everything. So, you have people whose only exposure to the outside world is to drive to work or play, but they are listened to about how the run the war in Iraq.

B. Decisions to fire someone are contested based on popularity of the person, or the Agenda of the complainer. It is said that the Democrats want to shift negative attention on to the President, and AWAY from their Democratic Voter Fraud efforts.

C. Employers will be hesitant to hire anyone. The personnel regulations and current law reserve a myriad number of things that are confidential or do not have to be released by the applicant.


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