DesertExile: Contaminated result

19 August 2007

Contaminated result

Arthur Garcia and his mother Loretta, both of Pomona, pray on Saturday during the Million Mothers March in Pomona. Loretta's son, Raymond, was gunned down in May

Well, Boo-Freaking-HOO!

You want your "Culture"? This is part of it--to see who can be the meanest, baddest guy around. They don't care if they shoot kids--they just want to be the baddest guy in the 'hood.

You want to dismiss responsibility for Illegal Aliens...because they are Hispanics? Well, here is your result. Illegal Aliens bring their attitudes and problems here. Wealthy U S businessmen ignore the toxic by-products so that they can bring in a big profit, live in a gated community, don't have to have health insurance, and can say their penis is bigger than their competitor because they got a bigger profit this/last year.

Hispanic communities ignore the nationality of Illegal Aliens on a reverse-racist basis. If you ask to have the law enforced--You are a racist! ( Funny--I was always told " You suspect of others what you know to be true of yourself.")


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