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23 March 2007

Comparisons of Completion

If you have had the misfortune of going through a construction area, you know the frustration of being halted and squeezed down to one or two lanes. You find that you are being held up by some guy who looks like has has an IQ of room temperature.
That lower mental capacity person who basically stands there and turns his sign from "SLOW" to "STOP" is making $40 an hour.

You see, any Government Road Project has been subordinated to--UNIONS.

You have to use higher-priced UNION labor since Democrats: A. Have Union thugs as supporters, and B. put into law the requirement that firms using Union labor be contracted.

You will notice that these projects seem to take forever. One simple transition ramp in California--some grading, some paving, and some guard rail--took TWO YEARS.

A few comparisons:
Recently, I rode a scenic rail tour. The tour is 34 miles long. There is a 500 foot tunnel. The rail line is rock, cut into the side of the Verde River Canyon. The entire project took--ONE YEAR--in 1911!

The Pentagon was built--completed--in 18 months--in 1943!

Now, the kicker.

The same Democrats--who would have you follow EVERY design requirement, and stretch out the work in order to keep Union members employed DEMAND that the effort in Iraq be abandoned. This to me is like building the World Trade Center again, and having the bystanders, kibbitzers, and arm chair architects demand that it be stopped at the 75th story.


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