DesertExile: Conclusions after "DC Protests"

18 March 2007

Conclusions after "DC Protests"

If you read a previous post " A Rally in Phoenix", you see that Fox News showed up, interviewed one man and hauled ass before Deborah Johns arrived.

To them, this was a Non-event.

The Washington Times has a short blurb--no photos--and mainly talks about how the Anti-War fanatics declared that the Gathering of Eagles was not necessary, they would NEVER deface a war memorial.
This was billed as the event that would convince the American People--theTipping Point--that we should just quit and haul ass out of Iraq--and let the Nuke -coveting Iran take over. ANSWER would have half a million people there to convince us.

THIRTY THOUSAND people paid their own hard-earned money to go to DC. They showed up at 0700 hours, in 29 degree weather, and stayed there until the Anti-War Kooks "Marched" to the Pentagon at 1300 hours, when it was still 29 degrees.

Who reported on this? Go ahead, GOOGLE it it. Put DC PROTEST in the space, then once "results" come up, click on "News".

There are hundreds of articles that talk about the "protestors" with their "Convictions" that the War must end, and how the bravely spoke up and protested.

You will find only a passing mention that there were a few "PRO-WAR" counter-protestors there.

There were NO live feeds of the activity on the Mall. Aphabet networks were not there. Major newspapers--not there. CSPAN had refused to cover the Gathering of Eagles, and replied that they would cover " The Demonstrators". FOX NEWS had some infobabe out there who showed you half-second glimpses of the crowd, and who declared there were an equal amount of Protestors and Memorial Protectors. DRUDGE had nothing.

Most of us followed the Blogger

The ONLY recognizable name to show up for the Gathering of Eagles was Michelle Malkin.

She reported after

SO, let's see now: The News ignored this. The big "Conservative "names" did not appear--Hannity, Beck, Ingraham. The political hopefuls were nowhere in sight, and Bush left town.


What that means to me is they --News, Big Talk Show Hosts, Political Hopefuls---thought this was not important, a nothing.
Big Names, Big Politics and Big News is out of touch with what Americans want.

The only reliable source of information is fellow bloggers.


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