14 March 2007


AMBER DRYSDALE A California Highway Patrol officer for 20 years with over 750 drunk driving arrests, Ms. Drysdale is a certified accident reconstruction expert and served as liaison officer between the CHP and the District Attorney's office. She is the firm's second full-time investigator and DUI police procedure expert.
Robin Collier A former Santa Ana police officer assigned to the DUI Task Force, Mr. Collier has made over 1000 drunk driving arrests and as a SWAT team member was decorated for valor by the United States Senate. Mr. Collier serves as the firm's Operations Officer, investigator and expert witness on DUI law enforcement procedures
Dewayne C. Beckner As former Supervisor of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Crime Lab Forensic Alcohol Division, Mr. Beckner was responsible for all breath testing machines used in L.A. County. He has testified over 2500 times as a blood/breath alcohol expert, and is on permanent retainer as as the firm's expert witness at trial and DMV hearings.
As an Officer, I attended all of the accident reconstruction courses the California Highway Patrol had to offer.
The main instructor was the man who had started the CHP's Major Accident Investigation Team --MAIT--Sgt. Bill Shelton.
The courses were each two weeks long, and no one was guaranteed to pass.
In fact, out of 50, at least five were expected to fail.
In side conversations, Sgt. Shelton told jokes--that you could not tell now due to race and sex sensitivity. He also warned the class about talking to those "Who had gone over to the dark side".
What is that?
Anyone who:
Subordinates themselves to some trial attorney to "Tweak" :
accident photos ( This had been done, and Sgt. Shelton had examples),
computations as to directions and speeds of vehicles at collisions (Also, he had examples--which ignored math and physics) ,
and mechanical examinations. (One "Expert" had testified that an attorney's brakes seized--because they were anti-lock brakes, and the attorney got a not guilty verdict as he was being tried for manslaughter--killed his wife when he hit a tree, with his blood alcohol at around .15 [.08 is the legal limit])
Willingly tries to pry information from Officers on the job to either get a lawyer's client found not guily, or to extract a larger settlement in a civil case.
As to Ms. Drysdale's qualifications: I suspect most of her career was in a CHP Office. 750 DUI arrests? In 1979, I --working 9 months on the 2200-0630 shift, and 3 months on the 1400-2230 shift--arrested 320 DUI drivers. In my 30 years, the number was over 5,000.
These "Experts" on " The Dark Side" earn an unenviable title:
"Liar For Hire".
Modern technology has kind of cramped their style as any attorney with access to a computer can compare their current testimony to that of previous cases


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