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14 March 2007

Hanging together

RUSH: On the Rudy Giuliani thing, let me get this out of the way before we go to the break. It's in the New York Sun today.

I told you people last week when we were discussing the Scooter Libby verdict and the controversy of whether or not there should be a pardon, and if so, when? Should it be immediate? Should it be after the November '08 elections? I hope somebody asks Rudy about this because these US attorneys are a fraternity; they hang together. And, of course, the reason this is important, the reason this is interesting to me is that the Libby verdict and the accompanying scenario of destruction that was brought about by the Drive-By Media on Libby has galvanized the Republican base. The Republican base is fit to be tied over this.

It's one of these things that, unknown to the Democrats, is going to keep festering in the minds of the base. Giuliani is a presidential contender, of course, and he's leading in all of the polls. So the New York Sun today says in a story by Russell Berman "Rudy" Giuliani is “cool to the idea of an immediate presidential pardon for I. Lewis Libby Jr., a position that puts him out of step with some conservatives who say President Bush should not wait to grant the convicted former White House aide a legal reprieve.

‘The pardon power is a very, very important power that the president has, and it has to be exercised very judiciously and very carefully,’ Mr. Giuliani told reporters in Washington yesterday. ‘You certainly shouldn't speculate about it while a criminal case is still ongoing.’ He added: ‘It seems to me you let it go through the process.’”

This is not on the conviction. He wasn't asked to comment on whether or not he thought the trial was okay and the prosecution was handled responsibly. This is simply on the pardon, but it shouldn't be any surprise. Fraternities are fraternities, and the US attorney club is not that large a club and they do hang together.

It always made me wonder how courtroom denizens--attorneys and judges--who put on a facade of adversity in the courtroom, then all went for cocktails afterwards with plenty of back-slapping, joking, and frivolity.

This phenomena is not confined to the legal community.

It was a mystery to me how superiors could screw over an officer (In my case, the Highway Patrol) by writing them up, maybe giving them a day off without pay, then having that same superior expect to keep on socializing with the officer he/she just crapped on?
If the officer did not play along, and have shallow social contacts with the superior, the officer got labels like: Immature, childish, resentful, incorrigible.

Back to the Legal Eagles: I have to agree with Rush. It is a fraternity where members cover for each other to outside interests.



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