DesertExile: Racing away from Reality

27 February 2007

Racing away from Reality

When is an award not deserved?
Any more, constantly!
We see Al Gore getting Academy Awards for a documentary that is Fiction.
We see clowns, dictators, and thugs being awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.
Thank the Lord that the Military has not seen fit to hand out top medals to soldiers, Marines, and sailors in Iraq for just doing their jobs. This was a common practice I discovered in Vietnam. You want an example? Jack Murtha, never got out of a bunker, never heard a shot fired in anger, but he got medals and is "A decorated hero".
This is the Liberal Tactic: Take something that USED to be very valuable, and richly deserved, and give it to some suckass, or some Liberal darling, like Jimmy Carter.
It isn't only in adult endeavors. Liberals now have little league games, and soccer games where yo do not keep score. Grades K-9 in a lot of schools get no report cards or grades.
My conclusion is that Liberals want to feel as heroic as Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone--without the risk. They want to feel as creative as a Van Gogh, without ever painting a picture. They want to feel as brave as a soldier in Iraq, without ever facing a threat. To do this, they cheapen the efforts of real artists, first responders, and defenders to make themselves feel good.
As I have often said, Liberals have two hallmarks:
Fantasy and Hypocrisy



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