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05 February 2007

LIBERALS: Two distinguishing hallmarks

In my life, I have concluded from much observation, discussion, and evidence that there are two unique traits to Liberals:
Fantasy and hypocrisy.

Today, this will be about their fantasy.

Example 1.

If you raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour, poverty will disappear.

This totally disregards the law of Supply and Demand.

What will happen is that those lower on the skills level will be let go, because their work isd not worth $10 per hour. Prices of goods and services will raise to meet costs of doing business. So, those out of job by this action, can't afford any goods or services.

Example 2.

Take everyone's guns away, and there will be no violence.

Reality- As one old bumper sticker says: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Now that is especially distressing, given the constraints placed on law enforcement by the ACLU, politicians, and budget cuts. A friend retired from a Sheriff's Department in Oregon when they cut 10 Deputy positions to give the homeless more money.

The highest locations of crime are New York City and Washington DC. Both make it completely illegal to have a gun. And, take Mexico. Every week, more dead people are found with their throats cut or decapitated,

Example 3.

If we just try to get along with terrorists, we can get along.
From years of working as a law enforcement officer, I know that there are people who do not respond to requests, who do not negotiate, who do not respect authority. These people will kill you, and have no regrets. It actually increases their resume when they brag about theirexploits in prison.
The picture at top left says it all.
The people mentioned respect IMMEDIATE, OVERWHELMING FORCE.
They are only deterred by a conviction that non-compliance will result in severe injuries or death to themselves.
What compounds the harm of the Liberal's fantasy is that there is always a Liberal available to criticize an officer or soldier, who, when facing one of these vicious thugs, does use force.
Liberals have so cotaminaed society with the notion that you can never get angry, youi must remain calm, and try to motivate a thug.


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