DesertExile: Gore's Disciples

09 February 2007

Gore's Disciples

IF you are a follower of Al Gore and other believers of "Global Warming", your goals closely align with the Islamofascists.
1. You want to take us back to the lifestyle practiced by American Indians upon the arrival of Europeans. Living in huts or teepees, hunting game for food, pooping in the woods, complete avoidance of bathing, raiding other tribes and taking the women as slaves.
2. You want ideas and practices to return to 600 AD, when Mohammed figured out that if he declared his stated goals a religion, he could write the book about how to murder, rape, and enslave women and declare it to be part of the religion.
3. You hate America, you hate Capitalism, and long for "Communes" and full government operation of people's lives. You hate transportation. After all, it either pollutes or puts CO2 into the air. You want us to go back to the commerce of settlers in 1850, grow your veggies, store your veggies, and only rarely hitch up the wagon to go to town and buy "Staples" ( Sugar, Flour, Cloth, and Medicines)
4. You want to return to communicating by hand written letters. After all, it takes electrcity to run computers, cell phone towers, television, radios, and faxes. While "Natural Energy sources(hydroelectric, solar, and wind) are producing some energy, the majority is either Oil, Coal, or Nuclear (Shades of the China Syndrome)
5. You are hypocritical in the application and imposing your ideas on the majority. You would want those measures imposed on the United States--but would exclude China and India, the countries with major industry and population.


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