DesertExile: Why Duncan Hunter

18 February 2007

Why Duncan Hunter

Why would you vote for Duncan Hunter for President?
Many reasons.
Lets start with these:
As you can see, Congressman Hunter has voted Conservative all his career, with no apologies to the "Kinder. gentler crowd".
I worked for his sister, who is a member of an endangered species--an honest attorney. My task was to investigate stories related by potential plaintiffs, and to verify those stories. From her, I found that Duncan Hunter and I went to the same law school at the same time.
REASON: Duncan's father was relatively well off, but that didn't mean that Duncan got everything given to him. Take for instance, he went to Western States University--on the GI Bill.
CONTRAST: The Kennedys, the Bushs, the Romneys, going to Yale and Harvard on Daddy's money. Those SOBs wouldn't know what it is to do a day's work, or how to budget what you earned that day.
REASON: You have seen Duncan's voting record. He has had the same positions, and advocated the same causes for 26 years. He has had the same wife for 26 years.
CONTRAST: Guiliani wanted strict gun control, and has changed wives.
Romney has changed his mind on taxes. Poor Little Rich Kid. Father was CEO of American Motors, and Governor of Michigan.
McCain has sold out other POW's and discarded a wife who supported him, after she crashed and became disabled. He is also a "Poor Little Rich Kid", as Dad and Grandpa were admirals and got him into Annapolis.
Condeleeza Rice thinks you can make a deal with Islamofascists.
Jeb Bush has a Mexican wife, who tried to evade Customs
We know what Pres. Bush's idea of Border Control is: "Let 'em all in".


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