DesertExile: Why can't I just...?

19 February 2007

Why can't I just...?

Why can't I just say I'm a doctor, then be one?

Why can't I just say I'm broke and draw public funds?

Why can't I just make up an I D card and go into a facility like the nuclear power plant near San Clemente, California?

Why not?

Because there laws, with penalties for violating them, that prohibit all of these actions and statements.

The ones who take these laws the most seriously are the ones who make those laws, elected officials, politicians. Yet, these politicians are very selective about who those laws are enforced upon.

YET--the same politicians do not seem to have a problem with (IA's)Illegal Aliens . IA's come here-illegally, drive cars-illegally, commit crimes and are not arrested, and if arrested, District Attorneys REFUSE to prosecute, stating that the perpetrator can not be positively identified.


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