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17 August 2006


Will I ever contribute to "Charity" again?

The answer is in pink.

If you contribute to the Catholic Church--it goes to fund: 1. Lawsuits involving pervert priests, that were protected by THE CHURCH. or 2. Aid for Illegal Aliens.

A year ago, we were urged to contribute to Tsunami Victims. We later found that the aid went to warlords in the area.

We were urged to contribute to "Pakistani Earthquake Victims". Now, we find that the money went to IslamoFascists plans to blow up Infidels in aircraft.

We were not asked, but our tax money is being sent to Hezbollah under the guise of "rebuilding" Lebanon that was "destroyed by Israel". READ Ka-Ching!: U.S. Aid to Lebanon Will Go Straight to Hezbollah by

SO, don't come at me with your hand out.


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