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26 August 2006

County faces canceling 84 school races

More than half of the 147 Maricopa County school board elections may be canceled this year because of lack of interest or competition, leaving beleaguered County Schools Superintendent Sandra Dowling to fill vacancies by appointment. In all, 84 races could be canceled: 65 races have only one person running, and 19 have no candidates.

Few former drug users recruited to LAPD despite new lenience
LOS ANGELES - Despite police Chief William Bratton's policy permitting recruitment of former drug users - a move decried by critics as too lenient - the police department still has "one of the most conservative policies" in the country, a city official told the Police Commission on Tuesday.
Only six admitted former drug users were hired from January 2004 to April 2006 while 866 were rejected, said Phyliss Lynes, assistant general manager of the city's personnel department.
"After checking with law enforcement agencies throughout the state and throughout the country, I can tell you that we have, still, one of the most conservative policies or criteria as it relates to this issue," Lynes said.
She said two of the recruits admitted to one-time cocaine use years ago and the others said they couldn't remember whether they used illegal drugs, but said it was possible.
"The real question is how long it has been since the person last used these drugs," Lynes told the commission.
Bratton, facing dwindling recruitment, has said one-time experimental drug use should not preclude employment in the department.

Why the reluctance?

Because anyone in authority has become job security for attorneys.
EXAMPLE: In Poway, CA, the School Board, going along with pop culture, banned "Hate Messages" . A student wore a T-shirt that says the homosexuality is perversion. Student is told to go home, change shirt, then come back. Student sued. Case is still being litigated after the Ninth Circuit Court of Clowns agreed with the School Board.

Lawsuits are public information. That public information may block you from being able to sell property or arrange financing.

In LAPD's case, getting recruits is becoming more and more difficult. Why?
Again, attorneys LOVE to sue governments (READ=DEEP POCKETS).
They way they get to sue is if SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING. Who does the most, is the most visible? The Police Department.

Why sign up for something when you are almost guaranteed to be sued?


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