DesertExile: Questions that go against the grain

27 August 2006

Questions that go against the grain

This post will be entirely my opinions, instincts, and experiences.

QUESTION @1...When you ( A man) are able to talk to a woman, and you have a strong like for this woman, and it is apparent that feeling is reciprocated, and NOT based on some potential monetary, material, or financial benefit to this woman... Why is it almost always assumed that you--the man- are trying to obtain some sexual favor from that woman?

If I answered that, my answers are:
A. The guys asking if I have obtained those favors yet, and what quality of pleasure did I receive--are the same dumbsh*ts who have a subpoena for a lawsuit, claiming an action for Sexual Harassment, somewhere in their future. An old phrase: You suspect of others what you know to be truse of yourself.

QUESTION #2. I see a woman, somewhat like the attached photo. She is feminine as far as I can tell ( It is not a He-She, a guy who hasn't had a sex change yet) She looks good, she smells good, she has feminie gestures, and I find her very easy to talk to.
WHY do most men want to terminate my association and deter any that they might have with this STUPID phrase:" She's a Dyke!".

Maybe she is Gay. SO WHAT? She is a human being, has feelings, blood in her veins, and I'm sensing a good person. I really enjoy this person's presence. And some dumbsh*t demonstrates his perceived superiority with " She's a Dyke".

So, my answer to this guy is no answer. Action speaks louder than words. I will ask the person to meet for coffee, or in the past, to partner up with me on patrol.


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