DesertExile: Who is going to save you?

04 August 2006

Who is going to save you?

The problem I see with the world situation is that, on one side you see Western people, and their upbringing, socialization, and instilled restraints( Hitting is bad, Speaking angrily is unacceptable, etc). You see men and women trained to seek " Conflict Resolution", and an inappropriate response will result in mandatory attendance at "Anger Management" counseling sessions.

The IslamoFascist Ragheads are taught--from the day they can speak--to hate, kill, and regard Westerners as low as sheep or dogs. They are taught that it is virtue to kill--in as gory a fashion as possible--Infidels (Anyone who isn't a Muslim). They are taught that the accrue points in their heaven (paradise) for killing infidels.
NOTE: They are verbally taught. From reports, 85% of Muslims CAN NOT READ. Some old stinky guy in robes tells them to hate and kill, because Allah and the Prophet Mohammed command it, and they buy it totally.

Countering the IslamoFascists are military like the Marines, Army Airborne, Special Ops.(Green Berets, Rangers,and Seals).
These men are trained that the Islamics WILL KILL YOU --ON SIGHT. These men MUST be ready to react with lightning reflexes and "take out" the Raghead facing him, or be another load for a horse-drawn hearse.

So, while you are making sure that YOU are not "over-reacting", or "Being Rude", those Rough Men are saving YOUR ass!

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
George Orwell


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