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27 July 2006

Soldier's statement

The following are the lucid words of Captain Uri Lavie, a company commander of the Golani Brigade, which is fighting Hizballah terrorists along Israeli's northern border.
May his words constitute the Pillar of Fire for Israel's leaders, and for western democracies, in their Third World War against Islamic terrorism.

(Yoram Ettinger)

Captain Uri Lavie, a company commander in the Golani Brigade briefing his soldiers “ nine months into their military service “ a few minutes before joining the battle against Hizballah terrorists in southern Lebanon ("Ha'aretz, July 27, 2006):

"This is our time to rise to the challenge, put on the helmets and the bullet proof vests and make sure that the northern border is secure.

We shall fulfill any mission in a most effective manner, in face of any challenge.

If we shall not fulfill our mission we shall forfeit the right to exist.

We shall not lose this war, which we did not start.

Our duty is to serve as a defense force of the Jewish People, and to secure the peace of mind of the civilians in northern Israel.

If we shall not do it, no one will do it in our place.

For two thousand years we waited for the establishment of the Jewish State, and we are not going to roll back because a bunch of terrorists assume that they can scare us.

He who cannot defend Liberty does not deserve Liberty.

If we will not be able to fight until our last drop of blood, in order to secure the Liberty of our People on its own soil, our People will not enjoy Liberty.

There is time to talk and there is time to act. At this time, when missiles and Katyushas afflict the North all the way to Haifa, in addition to the two kidnapped soldiers, the ten soldiers killed and the dozens injured, it is time to fight and not to talk. We are the force, which has been chosen to fight, and we shall perform in the most effective manner.

I will be the first one to enter the battle and the last one to come out, and will do everything in my power to get you out alive and well. On Friday, with G-D's help, we will rejoin with our families. However, I cannot do it alone. Once we cross the northern border, you should exercise full alert and full responsibility toward your fellow soldier."

Men who have faced deadly force, and came through have a self-confidence that no drug or counseling can substitute for. These men know each other, although they may be from different forces, countries or religions.

This poem says it all:
by Father Charles R. Fink
Thanks to Tom Schuckman!!!

This Page Posted In Memory of Carl Gray Jr., 1949-2003


I've played a lot of roles in life;
I've met a lot of men,
I've done a lot of things I'd like to think
I wouldn't do again.

And though I'm young, I'm old enough
To know someday I'll die.
And to think about what lies beyond,
Beside whom I would lie.

Perhaps it doesn't matter much;
Still if I had my choice,
I'd want a grave amongst Soldiers when
At last death quells my voice.

I'm sick of the hypocrisy
Of lectures of the wise.
I'll take the man, with all the flaws,
Who goes, though scared, and dies.

The troops I knew were commonplace
They didn't want the war;
They fought because their fathers as
Their fathers had before.

They cursed and killed and wept...
God knows they're easy to deride...
But bury me with men like these;
They faced the guns and died.

It's funny when you think of it,
The way we got along.
We'd come from different worlds
To live in one where no one belongs,

I didn't even like them all;
I'm sure they'd all agree.
Yet I would give my life for them,
I know some did for me..

So bury me with soldiers, please,
Though much maligned they be.
Yes, bury me with soldiers, for
I miss their company.

-- Father Charles R. Fink
On Memorial Day, 2003


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