DesertExile: Whoop his -ss and fire him off the job

29 June 2007

Whoop his -ss and fire him off the job

When I was a young man, most work was simple and amounted to manual labor.
If you were hired, the foreman wanted to see your rear,, with elbows in fast motion. (Marines will know a different phrase).
If you were caught sitting around, or didn't show up for work on time, you were summarily dismissed--. Often then slacker, thinking his pride was attacked would challenge the foreman to a fight. Most foremen were good fighters. If not, they had loyal strong workers who could fight for them.
Hence, there was a term, "He got his ass whopped and fired off the job".
Well, citizens ( Not Illegal Immigrants), our employees have basically tried to steal from our company. They were working for John Q. Smith and Family, but tried to take the Smith's assets and hand them over to Vicente Fox's cartel.
The deal also favored the Rich Company down the road, whose heads are members of the U S Chamber of Commerce.
It is like they tried to take a brick building apart, each brick bought by the blood of a U S Citizen ancestor defending that building. and hand that brick to those who were from countries around the world, often countries who want us dead or under submission of their primitive religion.
They tried to give out the building blocks to wealthy corporations who have already sent jobs to Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and India.
To them, it is "Just Business". To them, it means a bigger donation so they can buy TV time, and lIE to us about how good of a job they will do for us if we extend their employment contract like we did for Jon Kyl. Remember, he used the sheriffs of Arizona in an ad, walking with them, and saying," I'll never vote for Amnesty". He spoke in front of Border Patrol Agents, tasked with keepingIlegals out, and declared he would never vote for"Guest Worker" or "Amnesty".
To those who tried so hard to prostitute themselves to Foreign countries, to Corporate Interests, to the unwashed, disease carrying invaders, we have given them their Personnel Review. Their effort so far gets a F grade.
The next step is to watch and see if they are working for us. If not, they deserve to have their ass whooped and fired off the job.


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