DesertExile: Wrong-way freeway driver dies in collision

18 July 2006

Wrong-way freeway driver dies in collision

This headline could be one that is "Cut and Pasted" very often into news.

PHOTO:KEVIN SMITH...A California Highway Patrol officer examines the charred remnants of the wrong-way vehicle.

SAN DIEGO – A motorist driving the wrong way onto Interstate 5 in the downtown area early Tuesday morning slammed into a vehicle coming the other way and was killed, authorities said.
The driver who died was a woman who witnesses said had been driving a 2001 Dodge Dakota erratically on city streets around 12:48 a.m. before she entered the freeway from J Street in Sherman Heights, heading south in the northbound lanes.

A car coming the other direction in the fast lane, traveling around 65 mph, was unable to avoid colliding with the wrong-way driver. The pickup burst into flames, said California Highway Patrol Officer __________.

The other motorist was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, Officer _________ said.

If you drive after 10:00PM, or before sunrise, STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE. To a drunk, he/she is driving in the RIGHT lane. During my years in San Diego, we saw hundreds of these crashes, and about 95% are fatalities

Oh, and just try to solve this. One idea was to put a motion-activated tire ripper in place, so the drunk could not get on going the wrong way. "OH, NO. What if they were stalled in the ramp, and someone came off and hit them? We would be sued!"

"Officer______ said". This has been a trend seen since women became part of the force. Before, men worked twenty plus years, and then applied for jobs like this. That Officer had "paid his dues". Now, women with almost no time "on the road" ask for and get these jobs.
They wear a uniform.
They never get out of an office.
They get paid the same as an officer who risks his life and safety every day.
They hold their position as long as the Commander approves. Most Commanders are afraid to relieve a female from one of these clerical jobs.


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