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12 July 2006

MOH for Brad Kasal

Hey Gang,
I received this from Michael Yon and feel it’s very important to pass on to you all. Please take the time to write your Congressmen about this and hopefully we can get this guy taken care of.
Semper Fi,

At the request of numerous readers and colleagues, Michael Yon has written a dispatch about Marine Sgt Major Brad Kasal and the questionable manner in which an iconic photograph of him taken by Lucien Read in Falluja in November 2004 was used in the recent Time magazine issue that focused on the controversy surrounding Haditha.

Here is an excerpt that will give a sense of the piece:

For many, Lucian Read’s photo of Brad Kasal – pistol at the ready even as he was being helped from the building, but still with presence of mind to keep his finger off the trigger despite that he had nearly bled to death – is emblematic of the heart and fighting spirit of every United States Marine. ...

Many service members believe Brad Kasal should be awarded the Medal of Honor. Any editor who would place the dazzle and drama of a layout above respect for the reputations of people of this caliber could use a few minutes of quiet circumspection. Brad Kasal is an incredible warrior and defender of our way of life who has demonstrated time and again that his life matters less to him than his duty to his country and to his fellow Marines.

Here is the link to the full article:

Please let me know if I can provide you or your readers with any additional information. In the meantime, I remain, respectfully yours

Rachel Barton


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