DesertExile: The Myth of "Porportionate Response

20 July 2006

The Myth of "Porportionate Response

A lot of the media are upset because Israel has bombed the Hell out of Hezbollah sites in Lebanon. The chant is:" Hezbollah just kidnapped a couple of IDF soldiers--what's the big deal? They could negotiate!"


Israel has almost negotiated away all of Israel. What has it got them? More suicide attacks, rocket attacks, and now, kidnappings.

To put your enemy down,whether it is a law enforcement situation or a military solution you are seeking, you have to do what a fellow officer decreed in the 70's.
The officer said," You have to knock his dick in the dirt".

If it is a life and death military scenario, you use whatever firepower at your disposal to NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT.

If it is a Peacekeeping confrontation, you have to do something similar to what I did to a nephew when he was rowdy, and we were trying to watch a soccer tournament. I asked him," Jim (not his name)--have you ever been unconscious?" He stares at me like--"Uncle is about to go out of control--uh-oh". He says, weakly," No". I ask him, " Would you like to go there?" End of noisy running, yelling!

Your opponent has to know that he is going to lose, and lose big time. Resistance will cost him more than he wants to pay.


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